My Prince

My Prince – This is what God was trying to tell me of my prince every word so true i cry as I read it.

“We’ve got an issue here” the quality control angel called out.

“What’s the problem?” asked God, in a voice that already seemed to calm the concern.

“It looks like an extra chromosome – one, two – yes, right here, an extra one.”

Now smiling, God answered, “That’s not a quality concern. It is a distinction. The manual addresses it. You’re new on the line, aren’t you?”

“Why yes, this is my first day,” apologized the angel – searching through the manual for any reference to this.

“I’ll talk you through it…there are just a few assembly modifications. First, locate the hug sensors. Do you see the dial?”

“Yes, right here. Oh, I think I tickled him”.

“Turn it up.”

“How much?”

“All the way.”


“Now locate the two smile triggers – they are located on either side of that cute little button nose.”

“I found them.”

“Adjust them a little closer to the surface. Closer, closer, perfect!”

“Is that it?” Asked the obedient angel.

“Almost,” answered God. Now, very gently, open her heart. That’s it. Measure two, no, make it three extra scoops of love.”

“Will it fit? It’s so tiny!”

“Oh, these little hearts stretch incredibly. It will fit.”

“Done. Is that it?”

“One more thing. Move him from the random distribution belt to the select premium belt. These little ones aren’t given to just anyone.”

“There. He’s done and ready to go,” announced the angel.

God stepped over, as if to inspect the handiwork of this new angel on the line. But that wasn’t His intent. Instead, He picked up this little one and held him close to His heart. Holding him for so long the angel became concerned.

“Is he alright? Did I do everything as you instructed?”

Still holding him close, God said, “He’s perfect. I just find it hard to let these special ones go, for they are Heaven to hold.” And He gently kissed his cheek and sent TAMUNODEIN ASHER AMOS-ATUBOYEDIA to our hearts. 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙