“Beta Glucan is the world’s most powerful immunomodulator, meaning that it helps activate and enhance all of the functions of the immune system. This helps your immune system become more “aware” and more effective at fighting off foreign invaders or mutations such as cancers, tumors, bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi.

Scientists believe beta glucan does this primarily by stimulating the production and release of Macrophages, which are large white blood cells that attack, engulf and destroy threatening invaders.

In addition, it cascades a variety of additional immunological processes that includes the production of Cytokines, Natural Killer Cells and others which helps open of the “communication” channels for immune cells so that they can synergistically work together to find, destroy and eliminate invaders and other harmful cells.

Beta Glucans aren’t just another immune support supplement you might find on Amazon or your local supplement shop.

They’ve been used as an anti-cancer and anti-tumor treatment for over 30 years in Japan and currently have over 140,000 published peer-reviewed studies on Pubmed”

That is a reasonable description of Beta Glucan from a review site, why type it all over again. Rather than post all 140 thousand articles world wide, I have selected a few to give you a general idea of its benefits.

In DS, white blood cell counts are generally, consistently low. The effects of Beta Glucan on macrophages is of particular interest.

Studies have also shown it would be both safe and effective as an adjuvant for vaccines. I look forward to the day when profit will take a back seat to safety in vaccines and safer adjuvants utilized. This does not mean that the viral content of a vaccine is safe by itself, but the heavy metals, aborted fetal cells, detergent and various bacteria presently used as vaccine adjuvants, are clearly an issue.

Beta Glucan as a vaccine adjuvant


Keep in mind there are many strains of b-Glucans, some not so beneficial. This is why I specify Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6.

I do not mean to officially add this to the protocol but offer it as a possible means to strengthen immune response. There are numerous other natural substances that may help enhance your child’s immune system, most are harmless and have some effect.

What is Beta Glucan and how does it effect the immune system?


Topical Beta Glucan and wound healing. This is helpful in viral infections that result in sores such as foot and mouth virus or the fungal infiltration that often results in the lip splitting in patients with DS. A capsule can be opened, dissolved in with sterile water and applied directly to the wound in addition to giving it orally. It is particularly useful for diabetics who are predisposed to lengthy time frames for healing of topical infection.


Beta Glucan 1-3 protects against Strep. This study was done in mice. However, the immune reaction and protective effects correlates nicely to human beings.


Beta Glucan in the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory infections


How Beta Glucan effects Immune response


I recommend NOW or Life Extension Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 if you want to give it a try. It is dosed for maintenance at 0.3 mg per kg.